Position Papers

Åhman, Henrik – Challenging foundations: A critical review of HCI research on the self [doc]

Ames, Morgan – Critiquing Utopianism at the Borderlands of Technoscience [doc]

Baumer, Eric – “Us vs. Them”?: Negotiating Tensions among Multiple Audiences for Critical (Technical) Practices [pdf]

Brereton, Margot – Designing form the Local and Personal: Tracing a Trajectory of Critical Praxis [pdf]

Cupitt, Rebekah – New Frontiers: Shifting from the practical to the analytical to renew critical technical practice [pdf]

Forlano, Laura – Embodied Praxis: People, Places and Objects [doc]

Hansson, Karin – Navigating the Researchers’ Identities [pdf]

Khovanskaya, Vera – The Personal Relationship Manager: Lost Labors of Critical Technical Resaerch [doc]

Lintner, Silvia – From a Borderland Resident [pdf]

Rosner, Daniela and Fox, Sarah –  Interjections, responses, & Extensions [pdf]

Sengers, Phoebe and Dourish, Paul – Critical Technical Practice as Interdiscipline [doc]

Skov Christensen, Kasper – Engaging pupuls in critical technical (design) praxis in Fablab@school contexts [pdf]

Taylor, Alex – Impact and Counting [pdf]

Wiltse, Heather – Caring for Social Implications of Designed Things: A Borderland Project [pdf]


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